Goodbye 2013… you’ve been good!

What a crazy, amazing year 2013 has been.

In January, I decided to take my writing seriously and worked at it. I started “About Something Good”, attended a couple of SCBWI conferences (, met a whole bunch of wonderful writers and illustrators, and made some new friends. I worked furiously on a bunch of manuscripts and am excited to tell you that I have one children’s book ready for submission to publishing houses and I could not be happier. Let the rounds begin!!

I started blogging and could not be more proud of my “Straight from the Hearth” segment. I wrote what touched me and I feel so lucky that I have friends who read and shared my blog with others. I love the positive feedback and feel blessed for all the support and encouragement I received.

This year I also worked at daVIZta ( doing marketing and social media. Going back to work after almost 7 years was a big change, but I could not have worked with a better organization or come in contact with a better set of people. No, I am not biased!!

I always wanted to learn pottery and yes, I signed up for a class. It has been everything I ever hoped it would be; from throwing, to trimming, to glazing… what an amazing experience. I am looking forward to making more bowls and mugs and vases in my next session and hope I get good enough to make exactly what I started out making. Otherwise, I’ll have hats and tornadoes and that will be good too 😉

I did all this while being a mom to two beautiful children and one adorable dog. I’ve had my hands full and gone completely insane, but I’ve lived to write about it and that can’t be bad, can it? I have tried to be involved with their lives, in school and activities and soaked up every single moment.

Before you think I have it all together, let me tell you that I don’t. Most days I feel like I’m juggling multiple balls in the air, all while balancing myself on a tight rope. I know that I did a lot, and there was even more I could not get to, but that’s what a new year is for and here is to a fresh new start! I also know I could not have done any of this without the support of my loving, patient husband. He truly is the wind beneath my wings and my giant safety net. I can’t wait to see what is in store for me in 2014.

My wish for you is that you too can begin a journey you always wanted to take and may you find yourself along the way, like I did. Happy, Happy, Amazing, Wonderful 2014!!


  1. Anju says:

    Wish you the best, my friend!! Can’t wait to pick up your book from the shelves!!!!

  2. Thanks Anju. I know I could not have come this far without all the love and encouragement. xoxo

  3. Gita says:

    Thanks Andrea for summing up the year 2013 and we all are looking forward to see your printed books starting this year!! All the very best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!!

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