This Little Light of Mine.

There is so much evil in the world.  I’ve stopped watching the news and every time I turn on my computer to check my mail I see snippets of horror stories… of people hurting people and animals and most importantly themselves… because they have to be so hurt and dead inside to be able to commit the acts they do.  How does a human being forget what it is to be human?

But take heart… there is actually more goodness in this world, you just have to find it.  And you never have to look too far.  All you have to do is find one such good person and stay awhile in their presence.  They find the good in you and draw it out.  I have found that it is the case with me.  I am incredibly lucky to have found not one, but several such beacons of light and goodness to which to cling to during my journey here.  I can walk in their footsteps and if it ever comes that I have to choose another path, I can be sure that my light will be strong enough to guide my way.

Over the past years, I have made a conscious decision to weed out those negative influences in my life.  There are people, whose company makes me feel agitated inside, and the thought of spending time with them makes me experience a tightness in my chest and not in a good way.  This negativity has made me sick, and I have learned to walk away from them in self-preservation. (As I write this, certain people come to mind and right away I feel low, anxious and my body is cringing from the depth of misery they can bring me.  A few deep breaths and a mental shake … and I am able to continue writing this blog.)  These kinds of people drag you down with them, don’t let them.  Find someone who uplifts your spirit and helps it soar. You deserve it, believe me and it’s amazing to be able to fly!

Do a mental exercise right now … think about the people you most come in contact with… how do they make you feel when you say their names and a picture of their face flashes before your eyes… do you light up inside? Are you smiling? Those are the people you want to hold onto.  They will bring out the best in you and make your life worth living.  And in turn make your world a better place.  Now imagine if each of our little worlds collide, what a wonderful world this would be!

I’ve heard my children sing “This Little Light of Mine” so many times; and really… don’t let anyone blow out your light … let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Let it Shine!

Let it Shine!



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